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Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Center for Training & Solutions at Foothill College has educated,
trained, retrained, and coached thousands of employees in hundreds of businesses worldwide since 1982.
Our global team of trainers, coaches, and consultants deliver a fully blended training approach, through instructor-led, online, and virtual training and coaching programs. We consult with our customers to design and customize training solutions that are developed specifically for each client, utilizing the expertise and proprietary courses, seminars, and workshops that cover a wide variety of professional development and technical topics.
For more information about our in-demand programs, download our training catalog.
business group image The Center for Training & Solutions help clients to:
  • Train employees to work more efficiently — improving overall
    company profits
  • Increase productivity and improve quality
  • Meet specific training objectives with customized curriculum
  • Keep employees equipped with current skills for competing in a changing business environment
  • Prepare employees to fill the skills gaps created by changing business, market and customer demands.
Tell us what you need and we’ll partner with you to create a fully customized program — with tailor-made content to meet and exceed the goals set forth by your team, staff, and management.
Our PartnersPartners2 We’re proud of the strong and vital relationships we've built with global business and industry leaders, and we invite you to work with us to reinforce
your commitment to recruit and invest in the best workforce in the world. The Center has a distinguished history of established partnerships involving
unique content and special training
solutions for leading businesses and global organizations including Fortune 500, government agencies, hospitals, manufacturing companies, and startups.
Our global partnerships with instructors, coaches, subjectmatter experts and private training organizations allow us to deliver training in 28 countries and every state across the United States.
For clients who have a global footprint, our training programs can be created and customized once, and then executed worldwide. This is extremely cost effective, supporting company-wide initiatives, practices, and values to deliver a global standard of excellence and best practices.
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