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Teaching & Learning Center

TLC Staff

Katie Ha     Faculty Director

Josh Pelletier     Instructional Support Coordinator

Julie Riggins     Instructional Associate


TLC Tutors, Winter 2019

Faculty Tutors

Benjamin Armerding

David Beaulieu

Ann Douglas

Allison Herman

Melissa Jaquish

Stephanie King

Erika Lawson

Brian Lewis

David McCormick

Richard Morasci

Ruth de Larios

Vicki Vozza

Peer Tutors

Andre Bouyssounouse

Jessica Dunford

Maria Reyes Fabregat

Henry Fan

Valerie Hsu

Saifuddin Mohammed

Kannon Pearson

Katrina Valor (Marketing Officer)

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Spring 2019 Hours (4/8/2019 - 6/28/2019)

Monday – Thursday 7:45AM to 7PM
Friday 7:45AM to 4PM

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