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Book Recommendations for January/February:

You Can't Eat GNP
You Can't Eat GNP book coverBy Eric Davidson

"In clear, measured prose Davidson lays out how the traditional tools of economics don't work when you are talking about concrete things like soil, forests, garbage." -Inc.

Ecology and economics are not doomed to be adversaries. This lively and concise book presents the exciting new insights of environmental economics as well as the three fallacies of conventional economic analysis. You Can't Eat GNP offers a blueprint for a truly sustainable economy that recognizes the natural resources (like water, air, and soil) on which we ultimately depend.Eric A. Davidson, Ph.D., is a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center. His fieldwork takes him from the Brazilian Amazon to the re-growing forests of New England and he has conducted research at the University of California, Berkeley, and at the NASA Ames Research Center.A Merloyd Lawrence Book

The Carbon War book imageThe Carbon War
by Jeremy Leggett

Excessive burning of oil, gas, and coal is raising our planet's thermostat to unacceptable levels — a problem which has already resulted in increased natural catastrophes: storms, floods, droughts, and fires. Yet big oil companies have repeatedly hijacked efforts to slow global carbon emissions. THE CARBON WAR is a major call-to-arms for the safety of our planet. Throughout the last decade, Jeremy Leggett, a distinguished scientist at Oxford University and former director for Greenpeace, has worked doggedly to alert human kind to the threat of ecological catastrophe. With the grace of a novelist and the precision of a scientist, Leggett recounts his maddening interactions with scientific councils, international governmental meetings, and business leaders. Still, despite the government's backpedaling on eco-promises, the media's laziness, and fossil fuel company rhetoric, the transition to solar energy is coming, he argues. THE CARBON WAR is a riveting read and a critical contribution to the fight for sustainable energy.

Greening the Ivory Tower
Greening of the Ivory Tower book imageby Leslie Garrett

Universities can teach and demonstrate environmental principles and stewardship by taking action to understand and reduce the environmental impacts of their own activities. Greening the Ivory Tower, a motivational and how-to guide for staff, faculty, and students, offers detailed "greening" strategies for those who may have little experience with institutional change or with the latest environmentally friendly technologies.


Hot, Flat & Crowded by Thomas Friedman

The Virtuous Consumer by Leslie Garrett

The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones

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