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The below is an informational website only


You will need to receive the 

"Authorization to Begin Work" email

prior to commencing in your job role ! 



Student Employees are allowed to work up to 19 hours. 

Make sure that the total number of hours from ALL your jobs is not more than 19 hours.  For example, if you work as a STEM Center Peer Assistant and a STEM Center Clerical Assistant and also work at the Foothill College Library, your total number of combined hours cannot exceed 19.




Below is the Foothill Colege STEM Center Hiring Process for Foothill College full time (12 units minimum) students, being considered for part-time employment for the 2018/Winter quarter, for the following 3 job roles:

  • Clerical Assistant: STEM Center Front Desk Host
  • Peer Tutor: STEM Center Foundations Lab Tutor
  • Embedded Tutor:  STEM Center Embedded (in-class) Tutor


Step 1:  Complete the Job Application Survey

If you have not already done so, complete the Job Application Survey at:



Step 2:   Student Candidate Reserves  Interview TIme Online

  • Once the job application survey is reviewed,  and approved for the next step, you will receive a link with directions to reserve your interview time. Once you reserve your interview time, forward your reservation to
  • On the day and time of your interview reservation, stop by the STEM Center Main Lab Front Desk and ask the Front Desk Host for directions for your STEM Center Student Employee interview.



Step 3:   Prescreening of the Student Candidate by the Student Employment Office

  • No action for the student in this step, except possibly being requested for additional information.
  • Once your interview is completed, and approved for the next step, the Student Employment Coordinator will screen the Student Candidate for verification of Employment Eligibility, and notify the STEM Center Staff.
  • For eligibility requirements, visit



Step 4.0:  Student Candidate Follow-up with the Student Employment Office

  • Once the Student Candidate is verified for Employment Eligibility, the student will need to followup with the Student Employment Office. 
  • Student Employment Office Dropin Hours
    • For the latest Student Employment Office drop-in hours, visit For eligibility requirements, visit

    • Students will need to sign in at least 10 minutes before the end of the drop-in period, and may experience a wait.



    • To speed things along, complete the following steps before stopping by the Student Employment Center:

      (Step 4.1)  For those who are 1st-time student employees at Foothill College:     Visit the Foothill College Student Employment website, and scroll down until you see the "Student Employment Packet and Instructions" rectangular dialog box. Fill out their Student Employment Packet (SEP) online, as much as is allowed, then print it, and complete it (including all signatures) before  meeting with the Student Employment Center. 

    • (Step 4.2)  For International Students that need a Social Security Number (SSN):     You will need to stop by the STEM Center to pick up your SSN Letter, and submit to the International Office. Once your SSN Letter is approved, you will be notified by the International Office to proceed to the Social Security Office. You will need to wait for your SSN to arrive prior to proceeding to the next step. 
    •  (Step 4.3) For International F-1 students:     Take the SEP to the International Programs Office to be signed by Barbara Brown before coming to the Student Employment Office. If your Social Security Number is not yet in our database, take your Social Security card to Admissions & Records to have it entered, before coming to the Student Employment Center.

    • (Step 4.4) For all Student Employees:     Bring your original I-9 required documents (options available through the Student Employment Packet Instructions)

    • (Step 4.5)  For all Student Employees that have completed all previous steps succesfully:     You will need to sign your "Blue Card", for each of your job roles. Once the Blue Cards are submitted to the Student Employment Office, and approved, you should receive an email informing you that you have "Authorization to begin work". Then and only then will you be able to commence working in the job role specified in your Blue Card instructions. 
    • Do not start working until you receive the email with the "Authorization to begin work".





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