Faculty Staff Directory Editor

There are Two ways to update your listing.
  1. Personally edit your online Faculty and staff information using the C3MS Directory Editor,
  2. Complete an online form and have the webmaster update your records.

Directory Editor

Use the C3MS system located at: http://www.foothill.edu/cms/ to update your listing.

What happened to the old editor?
The old editor has been incorporated into the C3MS Utilities. The CMS editor utility offers you all of the same options and more. If you already have access to the C3MS just log in as you normally would, and use the Personal Directory Editor option.
New to the C3MS ? Please email the webmaster for your account information.

* Need a C3MS account or Password? Please send an email to webmaster requesting your C3MS access password. A password will be assigned and sent to you so that you may personally access the database for edits.

View Staff Directory Listing

Our searchable Faculty and Staff database will help students locate information about you. To verify your listing, enter your last name into the "Last Name" field and click on the Search Directory button.

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