Web Policy Statement

1. Content

The following policies are applicable to Web pages generated by all segments of the campus community.

Web pages that are generated and supported by Foothill College resources should reflect the college goals contained in the College Mission Statement. Content should in no way negate or detract from that statement.

Web pages created or posted by faculty or staff should reflect academic content specific to the area of instruction, general discipline, or campus service that is provided by the individual creating the page. Personal Web pages are not supported by the college webmaster.

Parties responsible for creating Web pages agree to always include:
  • Information (logo or text approved examples) identifying the page or site as part of the official Foothill College site;
  • The approved Foothill College footer;
  • A hyperlink leading back to Foothill College home page (http://www.foothill.edu/);
  • Contact information (e-mail and/or phone number) on the page;
  • Up-to-date content/information;
  • Appropriate title tags for the page, including the words Foothill, College, course name and number for all course pages;
  • A "last modified" tag indicating how current the contents of the page are; and
  • Technically accurate content (hyperlinks, scripting, etc.).
  • Full compliance with ADA and Section 508.

Content which is not related to instructional or campus-sponsored activities should not be included directly on a Foothill supported Web page, but can be appropriately disclaimed and linked from the Foothill site using the following text:

"The following link(s) will take you to a site outside the Foothill College Web server. Foothill College has no control over the content or availability of these sites."

Web pages/sites created by academic or college service departments should reflect content that is related to the general discipline or services of that department.

Foothill College course listings, and degree and certificate requirements should not be quoted on individual or department pages, as this information is subject to change. Please hyperlink to the appropriate course listing on the college Web site instead. Contact webmaster Lee Collings at webmaster@diogenes1.fhda.edu for hyperlink information.

2. Technical Issues


All Foothill College Web pages must conform to the standards for accessibility as proposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. To check your Web pages for compliance with these standards, please visit the W3C validation service online at  http://validator.w3.org/ and type your URL (the full address of your page including the http: notation, such as http://www.foothill.edu/news/ ) and click the submit button. The service will let you know immediately if you need to make changes to your pages to conform to ADA standards. If you need additional help with this service, please contact the Foothill College webmaster.


At Foothill College, the campus standard is 10MB of disk space for a Web site. A Web site may belong to an individual or department. If more than 10MB is needed, please present your needs and the reasons for these needs to the Web Executive Board (W.E.B) by sending an email to the Foothill College webmaster.

File Names:

File names should contain 12 or fewer characters in the file name. Examples of allowable file name suffixes include:

  • .htm (standard files)
  • .html (standard files)
  • .shtml (dynamic content page files)

No special characters or spaces should be used in the file name. Uppercase, lowercase and mixed case names are acceptable, but lowercase usage is strongly encouraged.

The filename of your site's initial (home) page must be index.htm, index.html, or index.shtml.

Browser Support:

All Web pages should be tested with a minimum of two browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, iCab or Opera). Web pages should work with, at minimum, the current version of Internet Explorer and Netscape and one version back.

3. Process for Implementation of Tools for Foothill College Web site

If you need a Web-based application (program or software) with features beyond the basics of a web page, please submit a written description of your needs and the features you expect in the final product to the Foothill College webmaster. The webmaster will research and suggest a product(s) based on this written request and work with you to accomplish the task with the most satisfactory solution available. Please keep in mind that at the present time, there is no budget available for acquiring third party programs. If there is a cost involved, the W.E.B. will determine purchasing decisions.

4. Domain Name Policy

To secure a domain name other than those already established by the college, a manager, director or dean must provide a written request for approval of the new domain name to the Marketing and Communications office that:

  • specifies the requested domain name;
  • establishes the need for the special identity marketing represented by the request.
  • a budget code and authorized signature to purchase domain rights.

Marketing and Technical Support will process approved requests, securing the new domain name through a domain registrar. ETS will be listed on the registrar's domain name agreement statement as the administrator and technical contact; however, the cost of securing and maintaining the domain name is the responsibility of the unit requesting the domain name.

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