Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)


The CCSSE is administered in the spring quarter to credit students and gathers information about their overall college experience. The survey focuses on educational practices and student behaviors associated with higher levels of learning, persistence and completion.
Foothill College participated in the survey in 2012.

The sample of students is selected randomly. All faculty members teaching in the spring quarter are included in a pool from which the random sample of course sections is chosen to administer the survey in class. The survey takes students about 50 minutes to complete.
Results from the survey are distributed campus wide and presented to the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, and Administrator's Council.


General PDF Presentation (includes Student Services)
To Academic Senate
To Deans
To Admin Council
To Classified Senate

Full Reports

Customs by Enrollment Status Frequency
Customs Including ILOs Frequency
Executive Summary: Key Findings
Main Survey by Enrollment Status Benchmarks
Main Survey: All Students Benchmarks
Main Survey: All Students Frequency
Main Survey: All Students Means
Main Survey: By Enrollment Status Frequency
Population Comparisons
Promising Practices by Enrollment Status Frequency
Promising Practices Frequency

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