About The Basic Skills Initiative/College Skills at Foothill
As a college, we put together the Basic Skills Workgroup to direct and implement the BSI Action Plan developed last year, as well as add new initiatives through research and staff development activities. We filed our initial five-year BSI action plan with the State, and the Workgroup will be developing related resource allocation planning for this year. We will continue to have Basic Skills Workgroup meetings to continue this process of change. See the History & Context Page for more detailed information.

Our Action Plan
The Basic Skills Workgroup is charged with building yearly action plans as required by the Basic Skills Initiative. These plans are written with participation of Faculty, Staff, and Administrators who are invested in the advancement of Basic Skills offereings at Foothill College. Many of the recommendations, and planning strategies are updated on a yearly basis to improve the College's ability to serve our basic skills students. To view our current Basic Skills plan, visit the Basic Skills Workgroup.

As everyone reports back to the Basic Skills Workgroup on the status of their projects, updates will also be given to PaRC, the governing body charged with aligning resources and planning at the college. To keep current on the changes taking place at Foothil, follow the Governance page.

Basic Skills Workgroup & Student Equity Workgroup Funding Request Form