Project Management

The project manager is responsible for day-to-day activities, record keeping, reviewing expenditures, maintaining a project file, preparing required reports, and evaluating the project. If the project start date is close to the grant award date, it is advisable to be familiar with hiring procedures before the grant award date. Some project management details to address:
  • Set up the grant account
  • Establish a process for signature authority with the project's budgeter.
  • Review the grant award and confirm that the proposed budget and awarded budget match.
  • Do not make any expenditures before receiving an official notification of award from your funding source and establishing a budget with the Business Office.
  • Know the rules of the granting agency regarding allowability of cost transfers.
  • Track budget revisions.
  • Track all expenditures.
  • Ensure that invoices have been sent and that payments have been received for reimbursement.
  • Know the reporting requirements for your project.
  • Keep an inventory of purchased items.
  • Review expenditures regularly.
  • Allot sufficient time for account closeout and notice to HR for staff terminations before the project period ends.

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