Reflective Writing Challenge: 7 x 9 x 25


The Professional Development Committee invited faculty and staff to create blogs with a total of 7 pieces of writing, over the span of 9 weeks with 25 sentences or more beginning Week 2 of the 2017 Winter Quarter (January 16th). These blog postings are about teaching, learning, and student success.


The short term goal of the challenge is to give staff, administrators, and faculty a playful space to share and learn and to see what colleagues are doing in classes and on campus. These writings will also be in a place where new and seasoned Foothill employees can easily access them for years to come.

The long term goal of the 7 x 9 x 25 Challenge is to push teachers, staff and administrators to be reflective practitioners in the field of education and share their reflections with colleagues. While the nine weeks of writing may be a start, we hope that some of the participants will continue to write and share their thoughts about the educational landscape.

Credits: The writing challenge was originally conceived by Todd Conway at Yavapai College and curated for Foothill by Carolyn Holcroft.

Download the flyer to learn more about this year's challenge.

Participants Winter 2017

Compilation of all blog entries

A PDF will be created that contains all of the blog entries by all of the participants. Make sure to compile all of your blog posts into a Word document. When the project is over you will send it to Carolyn Holcroft who will compile it into a document.

  1. Last year's 2015 blog compilation PDF

Click on the name of a participant to visit their Reflective Writing blog.

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