Safety and Emergencies

Training Videos: Be Ready and Prepared for Emergencies

If you find yourself facing an active shooter, there are three things you could do that make a difference: Run. Hide. Fight. What's important is you, not your stuff. Find out about more tips for surviving an active shooter event.
Learn more about sudden cardiac arrest. The HeartRescue Project, funded by the Medtronic Foundation, is dedicated to improving how sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is recognized, treated and measured in the United States. Community response education is an important component of the program’s mission. Go to the HeartRescue Project resource page for more information about SCA, including education videos, training programs, and information about our partners.
A pandemic awareness video explaining what to do to help prevent the spread of H1N1 flu virus.
Tips for surviving when the earth shakes. Rick Bissell, PhD, Scientific Advisory Council, provides answers for what to do in an earthquake.
Last Updated October 02, 2014
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