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Our partners provide us with access to resources, projects, critical advice, and opportunities for research, internships, and mentoring of our students and faculty. These partnerships include academic, governement, non-propfit, and commercial business and research.

Our Partners:

  • Stanford
  • UC Santa Cruz
  • San Jose State University
  • a number of regional community colleges
  • NASA-Ames, a key government partner

Foothill College is an Ames affiliate, and a partner with UC Santa Cruz at the NASA Advanced Studies Laboratory (ASL). NASA Ames is a leader in sustainability as well as science, engineering, and technology. NOVA Workforce in Sunnyvale has supported development of our energy program through the Solar Workforce Innovation Collaborative. Our non-profit partners and supporters include 11th hour, an important venue for our developing work in social urban and environmental work. A number of our SLI and energy program advisors also provide us with opportunities to develop ideas into projects and discovery into innovation, in both education and technology.

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