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Energy Systems Training

Clean energy technology is an emerging in Silicon Valley as a cross disciplinary competency in advanced materials, process engineering, electronics, software and internetworking. Already the Valley is home to a dozen brand name companies in Solar PV (Photo Voltaic), electric vehicles, advanced biofuels, energy storage, fuel cells, smart grid, and social transportation.

Energy Technology Emersion
Energy Technology Emersion

Foothill College has developed a six-course program in energy systems training, following industry leading approaches in clean generation, smart distribution, and efficient end-use. Our program, developed through funding from SWIC (SolarTech Workforce Innovations Collaborative), includes an introduction and a foundation in:

  1. ENGR 39: Energy, Society, and the Environment
  2. ENGR 40: Clean Energy Technology
  3. ENGR 81: Introduction to Power Systems
  4. ENGR 82: Renewable Energy Technology
  5. ENGR 83: Smart Energy Systems
  6. ENGR 102: Building Science and Performance Engineering
Energy Building
Energy Cost Savings: 30.34%

It is focused towards incumbent training and transitional workforce development, and includes a general education course as a foundation to the academic program: Energy, Society, and the Environment, which articulates to UC.

A key component of our energy program is our campus energy system, energy technology that includes our cogeneration facility, 1.5 MW of renewable energy, future EV charging and energy storage, and a campus-wide smart energy system for advanced building energy monitoring and management. Integrated into our distributed energy system, Foothill College is a ‘living laboratory’ for the emerging distributed energy grid.

  • 250KW Cogeneration
  • 1.5 MW Solar PV
  • Energy storage (future)
  • EV charging (2013)
  • Building Energy Monitoring
  • Campus energy Management

Students from transitional workforce have been provided opportunities to enroll in a course of study in the energy program. This has resulted in finding opportunities in solar system design and sales, building energy audits, distributed energy and clean energy policy development. Our faculty in these cutting edge courses are working practitioners in energy technology, including smart grid and energy policy. Foothill has plans to build these courses into twin-track academic and workforce development programs, preparing incumbent workers and future scientists and engineers for exciting careers in energy technology and management.

Clean Tech Energy Lab

Campus Energy Technology

  • Energy Intensity Target: < 100k BTU/sq-ft
  • Central Plant (HVAV)
  • Energy Storage / EV Charging
  • Smart Energy Integration: Bldg EMS / Campus BMS
  • Commissioning / Recommissioning

Foothill College is the ideal test bed for innovative energy technology for clean generation, smart distribution, and efficient end use.

"Campus as a Lab" Itron interval data shows 1MW PV connected
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