Foothill College Academic Senate Minutes
February 23, 2004; 2:30 – 4:30 pm, Room 6712

Meeting is called to order at 2:36 p.m.

Motion – that at each meeting attendance will be taken, including guests and documents, and that each individual senator is responsible for their attendance. This sheet will be read into Excel format and posted on the Web. Motion was carried unanimously.

Rodolfo Vasquez spoke about the 2nd Annual March in March, and the effectiveness of the campaign in reducing cuts. Last year 180 students attended. This year funds have been provided for 180 students.

Motion to approve the consent calendar was approved unanimously.

Plus / minus grading – board was receptive to a motion that would allow the plus / minus grading to move forward with a shadow (harmless) system to record grades and assess the effect from a period from fall 2005 to fall 2006 Willie Pritchard announced that there would be a nominal cost to the District to run that parallel system. Plus minus grading has been reagendized to the April 19th meeting. At JDG the De Anza senate president will be working on the language of plus minus grading. The De Anza senate recommendation is not what is currently on the table. Green sheets will record the plus / minus grade and the red sheet will support the plus minus grade in the shadow system.

Scholarships – scholarships were lowered from 3:2. We will support one educational and one vocational scholarship, each for $500.

Senate budget – We estimate to have $5000 in June with a $2500 bill for State Academic Senate due in September. Debate focused on how to spend a very limited amount of data. If we spend $500 for food at commencement, we could afford three $500 scholarships. Senate dues are raised in fall 2004. A budget and balance sheet will show us the amount that is available for funding scholarships and other expenses.

Faculty dining room – A dining area, as a meeting place for faculty and staff to meet and dine, has not been designated for construction in the campus renovation plans. With the demolition of the student center, faculty will not have a place to dine. Senate thought that it was a good idea, and discussion will carry forward into the next meeting. Additional dialogue centered on the need for a staff development center.

Part-time faculty categorical funds – Senators are asked to look at the text and share with all faculty, and return comments at the next meeting.

Meeting dates – The amended meeting dates were approved, excluding the retreat date.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:09 p.m.