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Committees List 2005-2006
Academic Senate
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Committees List, 2005-06

Faculty Committes
Adams, Katherine Sabbatical
Adams, Lily Sabbatical
Anderson, Mark TRC--Hartwell (chair)
  FA Hiring Committee
Arenas, Jose none reported
Arca, Rosemary TRC--Fong
  Hiring Committee--Basic Skills
  Deep Learning
Armstrong, Kathleen Hiring Committee--Chem Tech
Barkeley, Elizabeth TRC--Gatto (chair)
Becchine, Virginia none reported
Bergmann, Janis TRC--Gough
  Hiring Committee--Theatre Tech
Berry, John none reported
Bertani, Laurie Maternity Leave
Bissell, Jeff none reported
Blodgett, Debra Phase II
Boyett, Doug none reported
Brown, Carolyn TRC--Gatto
Cammin, Falk Sabbatical
Carr, Janice Professional Conference Funds
  Honors Advisory
  Learning Communities
Carter, Celeste KCI Advisory
Cascarano, Frank Phase II
Cashmore, Bea Ed Resources
  Academic Council
  TRC--Schmidt (chair)
  Smoking Committee
  Hiring Committee--Chem Tech
Cellilo, Jerry ETAC Committee
  TRC--Lee (chair)
  Hiring Committee--Pass the Torch Counselor
  Hiring Committee--Business
  Hiring Committee--VP, Tech
Ciment, Hilary CCC
  Hiring Committee--Ceramics
Coffin, Elvira TRC--Wilkes
  Grievance Committee
Cohen, Vivian none reported
Cormia, Robert Senate--Secretary/Treasurer
  Smoking Committee
Craig, Jody none reported
Crespo-Martin, Patricia Scholarship
  TRC--Amanda Norick (at large)
Crevier, Joy Hiring Committee--Chem Tech
Daley, Richard TRC--Norick
  Lab Definition Committee
Dauer, Lesley Diversity
  Due Process
Davidson, Sid Roundtable
Davies, Paul TRC--Hartwell
Davison, Dolores Academic Senate (VP)
  CCC (Chair)
  Hiring Committee--Philosophy
  TRC--Ziegenhorn (chair)
  Student Grievance Pool
  Women's History Month
  Faculty Handbook
  Lifelong Learning
Day, Bernie Transfer Advisory (Co-Chair)
  Foothill Roundtable
  College Curriculum Committee
  TRC--Ernest Schmidt
  GE Efficacy
Delgado, Leticia CCC
Denver, Cathy Hiring Committee--Philosophy
  Hiring Committee--Career Counselor
  GE/ CCC committee
  Hiring Committee--International Programs Coord
  Transfer Advisory
  SOUL Committee
  International Night
Dileonardo, Chris none reported
Dominguez, Arno none reported
Duncan, Kathleen CCC
Erickson, Karen TRC--Cascarano
Evans, Brian Senate
  Senate Elections
  Discipline Pool
Farber, John TRC--Murphy
Feig, Konnilyn CCC
Flowers, April TRC--Robinson
Francisco, Marnie TRC--Georgiou (chair)
Fraknoi, Andrew Senate
  Honors Advisory
  Astronomy Lecture Series
Gatto, Anthony Phase II
George, Carol TRC--Lane (chair)
Georgiou, Ion Phase II
Giannetto, Kara Hiring Committee--Softball
  CCC (Fall 05)
Gibbs, Patricia TRC--Huerta, M (chair)
  Service Learning
  Tech Laureate Team
Gillette, Karen Kieffer CCC
  TRC--Wilkes (chair)
Gong, Bubba none reported
Gough, Tom FRAMES
  Hiring Committee--Drama
Gravenhorst, Kurt TRC--Marasco
  Humanities Committee
  Student Grievance
  Due Process
Gray, Nicole Hiring Committee--Pass The Torch
Green, Mary Phase II
Hack, Sharon WEAG
Haight, Elaine TRC--Katy Ripp
  TRC--Joy Crevier
Hale, Melanie TRC--Schmidt
Hansen, Tess Hiring Committee--Dean, Fac/Staff
Hartwell, Robert Academic Senate
Hawkins, Mary Faculty Handbook
  Hiring Committee--Interim President
  Academic Senate
  PROJECT- Veterans
Hayes, Diane none reported
Heiser, Meredith none reported
Hendrickson, Maribeth none reported
Herman, Ron none reported
Heslet, MaryLou none reported
Holcroft-Burns, Carolyn Academic Senate
  Faculty Handbook Revision Committee
  Elections Committee
  Food service vendor selection committee
Horowitz, Ken none reported
Huerta, Maristella Latino Heritage Month
  Committee on Civic Engagement/Service Learning
  Organizacion Latino Americano
  Multicultural Staff Association
  Scholarship of Universal Learning
  Writing Across the Curriculum Committee
Jardali, Najwa none reported
Johnson, Brenda none reported
Johnson, Chuck CCC
  TRC--Murphy (chair)
Josselyn, Carolyn none reported
Key, Jenene none reported
Khejjou, Ali PDL Committee
Knopf, Karl none reported
Kitajima, Naomi TRC--Schmidt
  Campus Center Board
  Scholarship Committee (chair)
Knobel, Marc CCC
Kornegay, Catherine none reported
Lam, Phuong none reported
Lane, Kim Academic Senate
Lane, Linda TRC--Samarov
  TRC--Uyeda (chair)
  Placement Steering Committee
  Testing subcommittee/website
  Literacy Standards
Lang, Gary none reported
Lankford, Scott On PDL
Larson, Londa TRC--Cascarano (chair)
  TRC--Crevier (chair)
Lee, Davida none reported
Lee, Keith none reported
Lenkeit, Allison  
Lew, Debra Hiring Committee--Dean, Fac/Staff
  API Planning Committee
  Block Scheduling Efficacy
  New Furniture
Lewis, Brian TRC--Valerie Fong
  Basic Skills Task Force Committee
Liner, Tom none reported
Lopez, Beckie Accreditation
Lopez, Joanne none reported
Lum, Linda none reported
Lydgate, Diane Hiring Committee--Learning Spec.
  CCC (Spring 06)
Macias, Dixie Senate
  Academic Council
Manske, Kent none reported
Marasco, David Phase II
Martinez, Rick Academic Senate
McDougall, Maureen none reported
Meade, LaDawn none reported
Melia, Martin none reported
Mellquist, Ken none reported
Menager-Beeley, Rosemarie none reported
Menendez, Natalia TRC--Finnegan (chair)
  TRC--Huerta, M
  Hiring Committee--Pass the Torch
Miller, Larry none reported
Miyasaki, Cara none reported
Morasci, Richard Academic Senate
Morriss, Patrick Roundtable
Mudge, Rachel Phase II
Murphy, Mike Academic Senate
Nava, Jose MSA
  Hiring Committee--Business
Ni, Preston TRC--Rachel Mudge
Oburn, Ron none reported
O'Loughlin, Rita none reported
O'Neal, Verley none reported
Orrell, Eloise none reported
Osterdock, LeeAnn CCC
Patyk, Jay Roundtable
  TRC--Huerta, M
  Hiring Committee--Philosophy
Paye, Anne none reported
Pelzel, Doc none reported
Perino, Kathy TRC--Armstrong
  Ed Resources
  District Budget
Peter, Karl TRC--Holcroft
  Hiring Committee--FGA Dean
Pierce, Robert TRC--Robinson
  FA council
  FA-PAC chair
  FACCC membership committee
  FACCC political action committee
Piparo, Elaine Transfer Advisory
  Honors Advisory
  Academic Council
Ploke, Irv Academic Senate
Pratt, Keith TRC--S. Huerta (chair)
  Senate (Fall 05)
Ragey, Joe none reported
Reid, Robbie none reported
Ripp, Katy Hiring Committee--Aquatics
Rivera-Montanez, Julio none reported
Robbins, Doren none reported
Rosenberg, Shanan SOUL
Samarov, Kristen none reported
Saterfield, Harry Academic Senat e
Sauter, David TRC--Hartwell
Sawka, John none reported
Scattini, Gene none reported
Scott, Walter Accreditation
Schultheis, Lisa CCC
Seelbach, Gene none reported
Serna, Leticia Roundtable
  Scheduling Committee
  Honors Advisory
  EOPS Advisory Committee
  Latino Heritage Month
Seyedin, Sara none reported
Shaner, Bryan Divisional Committees
Shewfelt, Barbara none reported
Sierra, Angel Sabbatical
Silverman, Lori PDL Committee
Sperbeck, Marshall none reported
Spybrook, Janet Academic Senate
Spragge, Phyllis none reported
Stanley, Brian TRC--Crevier
Starer, Paul  
Stevenson, Janis none reported
Strand, Tom none reported
Svenson, Dan none reported
Taketa, Victoria none reported
Thomas, Mary Senate
  Senate Elections Committee
  Library Hiring Committee
Thunen, Charlotte TRC--Huerta, S
  Basic Skills
  Staff Development/Diversity
Tomita, Ikuko Staff Development/Diversity
Townes, Shawn none reported
Tripp, Kristen ETAC
Uyeda, Diane CCC
Velasco, Lauren Popell Diversity Committee
  Staff Development/Diversity Committee
  Women's History Month
  Honors Institute Advisory
  FA Exec Council
Voyce, Warren none reported
Walker, Lee none reported
Wang, Sue Travel Funds
Watkins, Sandi on leave
Watson, Carol none reported
Whearty, Jim on leave
Wheeler, Bonny TRC--Osterdock
  Kaider Scholarship Committee
  Outreach Specialist Hiring B102
Whitehill, Anita FRAMES
Will, Mimi CTIS/FSA Task Force
Wolterbeek, Kim none reported
Wong, Rita none reported
Woolcock, Joe none reported
Wu, Tilly none reported
Ziegenhorn, Bill Phase II

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