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Adaptive Fitness Therapy 2013-2014

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This program is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge for those interested in a career in the health and fitness fields, working with special populations such as older adults and person with disabilities. Graduates of the program will be qualified to work as paraprofessionals in the following occupations: fitness professional, personal trainer, physical therapist aide, home health professional, activity director, and others. Individual classes can be taken for professional growth.

Program Learning Outcomes:

• The student will be able to demonstrate and explain basic adaptive fitness skills and concepts to older adults and individuals with disabilities.
• The student will be able to recognize basic patho-physiology of chronic conditions seen in adults and provide accommodations appropriate to the disabling conditions.
• The student will be able to lead small and large group classes.

Career Opportunities:

This program is an open door to a profession that is expected to expand in employment opportunities over the next 5 years. Possible career options include: Physical Therapy, Personal training, assisting in gyms and fitness centers, and senior centers.

Units required for Major: 44

Units required for Certificate: 36

Degree Requirements:

• English proficiency: ENGL 1A, 1AH, 1S & 1T, ESLL 26 or equivalent.
• Mathematics proficiency: MATH 57, 105, 108 or equivalent.
A minimum of 90 units is required* to include:
• All Foothill General Education requirements (30 Units)
• Core courses (36 Units)
• Support courses (8 Units)

*Additional elective course work may be necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement for the associate degree.

AA = Associate in Arts Degree.
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Core Courses (36 units)

KINS 8A Theory & Concepts of Exercise Physiology I (4 units)
KINS 8B Theory & Concepts of Exercise Physiology II (4 units)
KINS 17 Introduction to Wellness for Special Populations (1 unit)
KINS 55 Introduction to Aquatic Exercise (4 units)
KINS 81 Introduction to Adaptive Fitness Techniques (4 units)
KINS 82 Principles of Therapeutic Exercise (4 units)
KINS 83 Physical Aspects of Aging for the Fitness Professional (4 units)
KINS 84 Functional Aspects of Adaptive Fitness (4 units)
KINS 85 Principles of Therapeutic Water Exercise (3 units)
SPED 61 Introduction to Disabilities (4 units)

Support Courses (8 units)

BIOL 40A Human Anatomy & Physiology I (5 units)
BIOL 40B Human Anatomy & Physiology II (5 units)
BIOL 40C Human Anatomy & Physiology III (5 units)
COMM 3 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (5 units)
GERN 10 Sociology of Aging (3 units)
GERN 11 Psychology of Aging (3 units)
GERN 15 Issues in Death, Dying & Bereavement Across Cultures (3 units)
GERN 52 Health & Aging (3 units)
GERN 56 Aging & Diversity (3 units)
HLTH 55 Emergency Medical Response (5 units)
PSYC 1 General Psychology (5 units)
SPED 57A Teaching Adult Learners (3 units)
SPED 63 Learning Disabilities (4 units)

Certificate of Achievement in Adaptive Fitness Therapy (36 Units)

The Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of the core and support courses. General education courses are not required.

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