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Popular Culture 2013-2014

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The Popular Culture Certificate is an interdisciplinary program designed to explore both the context and the influence of popular culture on contemporary society. Artifacts of popular culture—such as advertising, technology, music, film, television, and sports—will be critically examined from multiple perspectives (e.g. historical, musical, sociological). The Popular Culture Certificate is an excellent opportunity for professional development, and most courses are transferable to UC and CSU institutions.

Units required for Certificate: 16

CP = Certificate of Proficiency [Non-Transcriptable].

Popular Culture Certificate of Proficiency (16 Units) [Non-Transcriptable]

Core Courses: (12 units)
MDIA 11 Introduction to Popular Culture (4 units)
MDIA 12 Popular Culture & United States History (4 units)
SOC 8 Popular Culture (4 units)

Support Courses: (4 units)
BUSI 57 Principles of Advertising (4 units)
or ADVT 57 Principles of Advertising (4 units)
COMM 10 Gender, Communication & Culture (5 units)
GID 1 History of Graphic Design (4 units)
KINS 2 Sport in Society (4 units)
MUS 7 Contemporary Musical Styles: Rock, Pop & Jazz (4 units)
MUS 9A Music & Media: Edison to Hendrix (4 units)
or MUS 9B Music & Media: Hendrix to Hip Hop (4 units)
VART 2C Current Trends in Film, TV & Internet (4 units)
VART 3 American Cinema (4 units)

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