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Law and Society (Pre-Law) 2012-2013

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This major represents a liberal arts, integrated studies approach to the study of law. The program provides an intellectual foundation for the law school transfer student rarely developed by other pre-law curriculums. The courses are designed to introduce students to law and its relationship to society and the individual. Analysis includes consideration of factors underlying the creation, maintenance and change of legal systems. Case method approaches are included to develop awareness of adjudication as a legal process. The major is intended to provide basic knowledge and skill development for pre-law/paralegal students. The core courses are also recommended to satisfy general education or social science transfer requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes:

• Students completing this program will demonstrate understanding of the theory, philosophy, role, and ramifications of the law and its institutions.
• Successful completion of this program will promote the development of students' critical thinking skills and other intellectual tools that will contribute to their life-long learning needs, and enable them to provide leadership in law through contributions in further academic study, research and/ or practice.
• Students completing this program will demonstrate understanding and respect of law as a social institution in the context of a diverse state with a unique and important history.

Units required for Major: 90

Degree Requirements:

• English proficiency: ENGL 1A, 1AH, 1S & 1T, ESLL 26 or equivalent.
• Mathematics proficiency: MATH 57, 105, 108 or equivalent.
A minimum of 90 units is required* to include:
• All Foothill General Education requirements (30 Units)
• Core courses (22 units)
• Support courses (13 units)

*Additional elective course work may be necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement for the associate degree.

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, a GPA of 2.0 or higher is required in all Core and Support courses for the degree.

AA = Associate in Arts Degree.

Additional Information:

NOTE: Students having difficulty attaining an Associate in Arts Degree because of timing or availability of classes should consult with a counselor to submit a petition for course substitution.

Core Courses (22 units)

BUSI 18 Business Law I (5 units)
PHIL 2 Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy (4 units)
POLI 2 Comparative Government & Politics (4 units)
or POLI 2H Honors Comparative Government & Politics (4 units)
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology (5 units)
SOC 15 Law & Society (4 units)

Support Courses (13 units)

Select 9 units from the following:
BUSI 19 Business Law II (4 units)
PHIL 8 Ethics (5 units)
POLI 1 Political Science: Introduction to American Government & Politics (5 units)
POLI 15 International Relations/World Politics (4 units)
or POLI 15H Honors International Relations/World Politics (4 units)
SOC 40 Aspects of Marriage & Family (4 units)

And 4 units of the following*:
BUSI 53 Survey of International Business (4 units)
ECON 1A Principles of Macroeconomics (5 units)
or ECON 1B Principles of Microeconomics (5 units)
ECON 25 Introduction to the Global Economy (4 units)
HIST 4A History of Western Civilization to 800 AD (4 units)
SOC 11 Introduction to Social Welfare (5 units)
SOC 19 Alcohol and Drug Abuse (4 units)
SOC 57 Child Advocacy (4 units)

* Students may also use courses listed in the first section of Support courses to fulfill the requirement for the second section of Support courses.

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