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Non-Credit: Job Readiness 2012-2013

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Workforce Preparedness program of 4 classes totaling 67 hours of instruction designed to provide students the necessary tools and techniques to develop job related skills and abilities including: job seeking, writing resumes and cover letters, completing applications, interviewing, and appropriate workplace behaviors, communication and customer service.

Program Learning Outcomes:

• Students will demonstrate proficiency in job seeking skills including writing resumes, cover letters, applications and interviewing techniques.
• Students will demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviors such as punctuality, interpersonal communication and customer service.

Career Opportunities:

This program can serve new workers, immigrants, displaced workers and those seeking a career change. Depending on the specific student skills and job market, students completing this program will be prepared for entry level positions in a wide range of careers. Career examples: retail customer service associate, food industry service worker, school aide or industrial assistant.

Units required for Certificate: 67 hours

CC = Certificate of Completion.

Job Readiness Certificate of Completion (67 Hours)

NCWP 400 Blueprint for Workforce Success (36 hours)
NCWP 401 Blueprint for Customer Service (18 hours)
NCWP 402 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee (6 hours)
NCWP 403 Job Club (7 hours)

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