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English for Transfer 2013-2014

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The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree is designed to prepare students to transfer to California State Universities (CSUs). Students who complete the Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree will be ensured preferential transfer status to a CSU as English majors and/or majors in related disciplines. The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree requirements will fulfill the lower division major requirements at many CSUs. Students are advised, however, to meet with a counselor to assess the course requirements for a specific CSU. The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree will enable students to develop a strong foundation in critical reading, writing, and thinking, literary analysis and research methods, and will also offer a wide variety of elective courses in English and other related fields for students to develop a broad knowledge base of literary reading and writing that will prepare them for the requirements of upper-division coursework in English.

Program Learning Outcomes:

• Students will be able to compose a thesis-based essay that clearly communicates a logical, evidence-supported argument.
• Students will demonstrate, in writing, comprehension and critical analysis of college-level texts.

Units required for Major: 90

Degree Requirements:

Associate in Arts in English for Transfer requires completion of a minimum of 90 units to include:
• CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (53-58 Units) (full certification is required)
• Core & Support courses (29-31 Units)
• transferable electives necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement.

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken for a letter grade and must be completed with a grade of "C"or better. In addition, the student must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

UT = May be transferable to a four - year university.

Core Courses (9 units)

ENGL 1B Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking (5 units)
or ENGL 1BH Honors Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking (5 units)
ENGL 16 Introduction to Literature (4 units)

Support Courses (20-22 units)

Select 12 units from the following options in List A:
List A:
A. ENGL 46A Monsters, Madness & Mayhem: English Literature from its Earliest Beginnings to Milton (4 units)
B. ENGL 46B Reason, Rebellion & Romanticism: English Literature from 1660-1830 (4 units)
and ENGL 46C Wars & Wastelands: English Literature fro the Victorian Period to the Present (4 units) (both courses must be completed for this option)
C. ENGL 48A The Nature of American Literature: 1492-1862 (4 units)
D. ENGL 48B American Literature in the Gilded Age: 1865-1914 (4 units)
and ENGL 48C Modern American Literature: 1914-Present (4 units) (both courses must be completed for this option)

Complete One course from List B (or any course from List A not used above):
List B:
ENGL 11 Introduction to Poetry (4 units)
or ENGL 11H Honors Introduction to Poetry (4 units)
ENGL 14 Traveling the World Through Contemporary Literature (4 units)
ENGL 17 Introduction to Shakespeare (4 units)
CRWR 6 Introduction to Creative Writing (5 units)

Complete One course from List C (or any course from List A or B not used above):
List C:
ENGL 1C Advanced Composition (4 units)
or ENGL 1CH Honors Advanced Composition (4 units)
ENGL 5 Gay & Lesbian Literature (4 units)
ENGL 7 Native American Literature (4 units)
ENGL 8 Children's Literature (4 units)
ENGL 12 African American Literature (4 units)
ENGL 22 Women Writers (4 units)
ENGL 31 Latino/a Literature (4 units)
ENGL 40 Asian American Literature (4 units)
CRWR 39A Introduction to Short Fiction Writing (5 units)
CRWR 41A Poetry Writing (5 units)
JAPN 3 Elementary Japanese III (5 units)
SPAN 3 Elementary Spanish III (5 units)

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