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Topic: January 13, 2009 Proposed Budget Reductions (PDF)

"I saw some columns that had MORE money mentioned for 09-10 than 08-09 so this seems a bit odd - I thought the budget for most categories would be less or the same. "
Savings in different categories will vary from year to year for a variety of reasons. For example, some positions are not vacant until 09-10. Another variation stems from expense transfers that occur at some point later than the beginning of the 08-09 year but can be realized for the full fiscal year in 09-10.

"Does "1320 Reductions" mean part-timers?"
Yes. "1320" is the accounting object code that often serves as shorthand for the dollars that fund part-time instructional faculty as well as full-time faculty who teach overloads.

"What likelihood and how much is projected for part-timers? And in what departments?"
Student demand will drive which sections that are ultimately offered and, consequently, the amount of funding for part-time instruction. Departments with historically strong enrollments can anticipate that enrollment patterns will continue to be strong and may even grow. Courses with enrollments under 20 are particularly vulnerable to cancellation at this time because the state is not reimbursing us for the increased number of students we are serving overall. Imagine paying a faculty member $5,000 to teach a class, but the state pays us $0. The nature of scheduling precludes us from avoiding that situation, but we are working to minimize the number of instances in which it occurs.

"Why doesn't the reductions list show the Counseling Dean position and a leave replacement?"
The Dean of Counseling position is not on the reduction list as a possible source of savings because funding for the position is being used to pay two faculty coordinators and back-fill five counselors on sabbatical this year. The leave replacement cited is a case of extended sick leave, thus, no savings.

Topic: Summer Session

Just wanted to clear up a little rumor that may be going about. Foothill plans on having a regular summer school session this year. There haven't been talks otherwise.

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