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Foothill College Accreditation 2012

This working site is meant to serve the faculty, staff, students and community members who are interested in participating in or following the ongoing Accreditation efforts of Foothill College. Please review each section for pertinent links and resources, and also check our Newscast Section for the latest activities and information.

Newscast Section

Previous Self Study, Mid Term Reports and ACCJC Communications
Accreditation Process Documents

Contact Info

Accreditation Officers:
ACCREDITATION LIAISON OFFICER I Kurt Hueg, Associate Vice President of External Relations
ACCREDITATION CO-CHAIR I Eloise Orrell, Vice President of Instruction & Institutional Research
ACCREDITATION CO-CHAIR I Dolores Davison, Academic Senate President & Faculty
ACCREDITATION CO-CHAIR I Maureen Chenoweth, Classified Senate Representative

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