Update Your Email Address in Etudes

Please make sure that your Etudes account has your most current email address listed.

If your Etudes account lists an old, unused email address, you will not receive Announcements and/or Private Messages from your instructors. When you update your email address in your Etudes account, the updated email address will be used by all the Etudes courses you are registered in.

Account link in Etudes

To find out what email address you have listed in your Etudes account:

  1. Login to Etudes
  2. Click on Account button (look for link just below your name in upper right corner)
  3. Scroll down to Email
Change email address in Etudes

To update your email address:

  1. Click on the icon next to Email
  2. Type in your current email address
  3. Click on Done button

Change email address

Last Updated September 26, 2014
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