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1. How often should you log on to your online course?

a) Once a week is plenty.
b) Several times a week.
c) Several times throughout the term.

2. Where can you find links to reading and writing assignments?

a) In the assignment desk or course calendar.
b) They are included in your textbook.
c) In the discussion forum.

3. How do you know when something is due?

a) Instructors email students with deadlines.
b) Instructors announce deadlines in the forum.
c) Deadlines are posted in the online classroom or course calendar.

4. Where do you go to view, listen to, or read lectures?

a) You can attend the instructor's traditional class.
b) Links are available in the online classroom or course calendar.
c) There are no lectures in online courses.

5. How can students submit homework?

a) Via email, the assignment desk, and/or the discussion board.
b) Snail mail or fax is the preferred method by most teachers.
c) No homework is assigned in online classes.

6. Where are class discussions held?

a) Optional discussions are held on campus.
b) In the student lounge (discussion forum).
c) It is not feasible to hold online discussions.

7. What should you keep in mind when communicating online?

a) There are no discriminating factors such as age, gender, race, etc.
b) Don't say anything online that you wouldn't tell to a person's face.
c) Offending others is part of life; you can always say "sorry."

8. What kinds of students do well in online courses?

a) Highly motivated individuals.
b) Technologically savvy individuals.
c) Everybody can succeed.

9. Who should NOT take online courses?

a) Individuals who procrastinate a lot.
b) Individuals who have busy schedules.
c) Individuals who are independent learners.

10. Which of the following contributes to success in an online class?

a) Scheduling regular study time.
b) Logging on to the course once a week.
c) Not wasting time with participation.

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Last Updated September 12, 2014
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