Template Welcome Message for Online Students

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Dear Student:

You are registered for [insert course prefix and number] which is delivered via the internet using Canvas.

Get Ready

If this is the first online course you have ever taken using Canvas, then I strongly urge you to do at least one of the following:

  1. Attend one of the on-campus "Orientation to Etudes" sessions held during the first week of each quarter.
  2. Review the information provided in the online "Student Canvas Orientation" site.
  3. Check out the Student Readiness self-assessment and tutorials.

Access to Your Course Site

To access or log in to your online course site in Canvas:

  1. Log in to MyPortal (https://myportal.fhda.edu)
  2. Click on the Student tab
  3. Look for "My Online Courses"
  4. Click on "Log into Canvas"


Avoid Getting Dropped

To avoid being dropped for non-attendance, you need to [insert your instructions].

Enjoy your quarter,

[insert Instructor’s Name and email address]

Last Updated July 06, 2017
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