Request Etudes Course Site

Faculty who plan to teach any course (fully online, hybrid, or enhanced) using Etudes can submit requests for live Etudes course sites via MyPortal.

The Request deadline is usually about four weeks prior to the upcoming quarter. To avoid delays in getting your Etudes course site setup, submit your request by the deadline, please. Most Etudes course sites will be set up about three weeks prior to the upcoming quarter for requests submitted by the deadline. If the requested new live course site is not set up within a month before the next quarter starts, please contact the Online Learning office.

The titles of live Etudes course sites include the course CRN unless the course site combines more than one section.



Faculty who plan to teach any course using Etudes for the upcoming quarter must have completed Etudes training. For details, visit Etudes Certification.


All fully online and hybrid course sites MUST meet ADA Section 508 requirements for accessibility. For details, please see our Accessibilty and Universal Design web page.


If you need assistance with MyPortal login, visit the FAQ for details.


Step 1: Login to MyPortal (

Step 2: Click on Faculty tab

Step 3: Click on My Class List, Select a Term, and click on Go!

Step 4: Click on Title of your course (You must be assigned as the Primary Instructor for the course section)

Step 4: Click on Title

Step 5: Look to top-right of screen, then click on Options button

Step 5 Click on Options

Step 6: Click on ETUDES icon

Step 6: Click on Etudes icon

Step 7: Select Single Site or Grouped Site. Learn more.

Step 7: Click on either Request Single Site or Request Grouped Site

Step 8: Click on OK button.

Step 8: click on OK button

Single vs. Grouped Site?

You need to decide on which type of Etudes site you want to request:

  • Single Etudes Site for a Single Course Section
    • A Single course site only allows students enrolled in ONE course section to login.
  • Grouped Etudes Site for Multiple Course Sections
    • A Grouped course site allows students enrolled in multiple course sections to login to the same course site.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of allowing students enrolled in several course sections to login in to the same grouped Etudes course site?

  • Advantage: The instructor only has to login to one course site for several courses to make changes to one course site rather than multiple course sites
  • Disadvantage: Students may get confused if the combined course site includes both on-campus and fully online course sections because the number and type of assignments, tests, and discussion may be different.
Last Updated November 13, 2014
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