Recommended Components of an Online Course in Etudes

Policies and Procedures

Element Course Site Location
Syllabus Syllabus or Module
Learning objectives (or student learning outcomes) Syllabus or Module
Guidelines and resources for students with disabilities, especially regarding assessment and testing Syllabus or Module
Criteria for determining attendance and drop for non-attendance Syllabus
Criteria and standards for student participation in terms of quality, quantity, and time frame Discussion Forum
Syllabus or Module
Grading criteria clearly stated and aligned with objectives Syllabus
Policy on plagiarism and cheating Syllabus
Policy on late submission of assignments Syllabus or Module
Policy in case of technical problems with testing Syllabus or Module
Course readings and/or textbooks

Syllabus or Module

Instructor’s anticipated response time for Discussion postings, Private Mail, and grading Syllabus or Module
Appropriate use of Discussion and Chat in terms of netiquette Syllabus or Module

Course Content

Element Course Site Location
Content clearly written and error-free Module
Printable versions of Module contents Module
Links to external websites active, correct, and aligned with objectives Module
Objectives clearly displayed with each learning module Module
Reading assignments aligned with objectives Module
Compliance with ADA Section 508 accessibility requirements Module
Compliance with TEACH Act and Fair Use Modules
Schedule of assignments, readings, due dates, testing Syllabus or Module

Interactions and Collaborations

Element Course Site Location
Discussion forums and topics logically organized and aligned with objectives Discussion Forum
Live or real-time interaction between instructor and students Chat
Minimum standards or expectations for Discussion Postings along with examples of appropriate and inappropriate postings Syllabus or Module

Learning Assessments

Element Course Site Location
Practice tests/quizzes Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Due dates/time for each assignment Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Due dates/time for each quiz/test Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Clear instructions for each assignment Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Assignment objectives consistent with learning objectives in Syllabus Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Gradebook Gradebook
Student collaboration Wiki
Ongoing anonymous feedback opportunities for students Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Private Mail
End of quarter student evaluation of course (contact Online Learning staff for assistance with this) Assignments, Tests and Surveys

Learner Support

Element Course Site Location
Information about Student Help Center at Online Learning Announcements
Sample WelcomeMessage template and Getting Started with link to Introduction to Online Learning at /fga/getstarted.php#new Announcements
Instructor’s introduction Modules
Information about access to relevant Library databases Module
Instructions on how to use and navigate Etudes for this course
(see Users Group Resources for downloadable copy of Student Help Modules to import to your course site)
Module on How to Print
Module on How to Use Discussion
Posted office hours Chat
Information about access to tutoring services Syllabus
Information about access to academic advising services Syllabus
Information about requesting accommodation via the Disability Resource Center Syllabus

Technology Components

Element Course Site Location
Compliance with ADA Section 508 for accessible content Modules
Downloadable software plug-ins, if necessary Resources
Computer system requirements and browser settings (provide link to Announcements
No files larger than 5mb; no PowerPoint slideshows Module
Last Updated July 06, 2017
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