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Market Your Online Courses

Students seek detailed information each quarter about our online courses. Online Learning website posts Course Information for fully online course offerings to help students with registration decisions.
  • This Course Information must be accurate and current because students are directed to the Online Learning website (from the Schedule) to get details about how to get started.
  • Feel free to link to your Course Summary from your Campus Directory webpage. To update your Campus Directory webpage, please use the request form.
  • For assistance, contact us.

Update Your Course Summary

Course Info wikpage banner
  1. Go to the Course Information homepage (http://globalaccess.wikispaces.com), then click on Sign in.

    wiki sign in link

  2. Enter the Username and Password provided to you via email.

    fields for entering your Username and Password

  3. Click on your Course ID

    Course ID circled on Course Information wikipage

  4. Click on the icon located inside the black Sign In area, at the far left

    click on icon to enable Edit button

  5. Look for the Edit button in the upper right corner of your Course Summary. Click on Edit button.

    Course Summary Edit button

  6. Edit your Course Summary using the editing tools on tool bar and fix any broken links.
    Be sure that your links are correct:


  7. After you have finished editing, click on the Save button.

    Course Summary Editor Save button

Need Help?

  • If you experience problems, click on Help in the black Sign In area to find out about supported browsers and wikipage editing tips.


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Last Updated August 14, 2017
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