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  • Retention In Online Courses: Surviving The First Week - "The learning environment must be easy to navigate, feel psychologically nonthreatening, and lead to the least amount of frustration as possible. This implies fewer LMS buttons and fewer choices at the beginning of the course so the learner does not feel overwhelmed and wondering where to start."
  • 7 Strategies to Make Your Online Teaching Better
    1. Let the technology help you, not hinder you.
    2. Anticipate the difficulties.
    3. Incorporate synchronous opportunities.
    4. Give extra feedback. Then give more.
    5. Prove you are not a dog.
      On the internet, nobody knows you are a dog
      "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog." - "Internet dog" by Wikipedia
    6. Provide support for self-regulation.
    7. Encourage play.
  • Improving Student Retention (pdf) - The key to improving student retention and persistence is to focus on improvement at two levels: the institutional level and the student level.
  • Why Online Classes Matter - What role do online classes play in studentsí ability to graduate? This episode examines how online classes improve access to and progression through college.
  • Big Meta-Analysis Says Four Teaching Strategies Are Most Effective For Low-Income Students - Meta-analysis focusing on effecting teaching strategies specifically for students from a low 'socio-economic status.'
    1. Tutoring
    2. Feedback and Progress Monitoring
    3. Small Group Instruction
    4. Cooperative Learning
  • 2015 Student Retention and College Completion Practices Benchmark Report - Report examines most and least effective practices for improving undergraduate student retention and college completion rates, based on a national poll of campus officials in spring 2015.
  • Prevent Student Drops - Online and in-person orientations, welcome message, individual contact, student success, completion, and retention...

Self-paced Tutorials and Seminars

Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching (University of Central Florida)

Learning to Teach Online (Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd.)

  • Learning to Teach Online project - free professional development resource designed to help teachers from any discipline, whether experienced in online teaching or not, to gain a working understanding of successful online teaching pedagogies that they can apply in their own unique teaching situations.
    Learn about the project

Quality Online Course Series (Northern Illinois University)

  • YouTube video series - archived online workshops about online course quality standards and tips for designing quality online courses at NIU

Self-paced tutorials (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities)

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