Faculty Resources

These resources can help you be successful as an online faculty member. You will find online forms, information about course quality, best practices, how to preventing cheating, free and open learning content (textbooks and courseware), Web tools, student conduct, and more.

Committees and Professional Development

Forms and Templates

Student Welcome Message Template

Online course development and quality checklists

Division-specific Online Course Standards - Click on your division to download the course standards

OEI Course Design Rubric

Online Course Checklists

More tips and practices for teaching online

  • Teaching practices and tips - Learn how to prevent cheating, improve student retention, online teaching best practices, and lots more...

Web Tools and Resources - Free

  • Web tools and resources for teaching online - Learn how to:
    • Create videos, store them on YouTube, then embed them in your course
    • Create engaging teaching materials, slide presentations and blogs
    • Collaborate with students using online tools
    • Find free images to use in your courses
    • Open Educational Resources

MyPortal in Banner

  • Learn How to Use MyPortal and Banner
  • To report technical problems with MyPortal, submit a Technical Problem Report Form
  • For assistance with other technical problems, please submit a Ticket to the District's

    Call Center for technical help:

    • Telephone: (408) 864-8324
    • Email: techhelp@fhda.edu
    • Please DO NOT use the Call Center for Canvas issues, instead visit the Canvas guides, or call us at (650) 949-7388

Guides for using Canvas

Canvas Learning Tool Integrations (LTI)

Learn how to integrate the following LTIs into your Canvas course.

Note: The following LTIs have been integrated into Canvas. This means that they are accessible from the list of external tools. You do NOT need to add them as a third party app. To use them in an assignment, select External Tool as the Submission Type. Click the search button and then choose the LTI from the list of external tools.

Technical Support

McGraw-Hill Technical Support
Pearson MyLab and Mastery
Technical Support is tailored by product and it is best to go through the general support links, select product, then click on Canvas.


Video Conferencing/Captioning/Embedding

Instructional Design Consultation

What is an instructional designer? An instructional designer is someone who understands how people learn and can help identify learning needs and implement solutions to improve learning outcomes. Instructional designers are skilled at organizing educational materials in a way that makes them easier for learners to digest and are frequently well-versed in educational technology and multimedia.

Why consult with an instructional designer? You’re:

  • Designing a new course or redesigning an existing course
  • Seeking advice on how to address a specific learning need (i.e. incorporating more formative or immediate feedback opportunities into your course, identifying ways to create more active learning opportunities)
  • Interested in flipping your classroom
  • Looking for ways to make your course content more engaging

Contact Heather Garcia for instructional design consultation.

Additional Services

Last Updated July 05, 2017
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