Quarterly Actions

Prepare for the new quarter

Collect information about your teaching assignments in the upcoming quarter from your dean and MyPortal:
  • MyPortal Faculty Tab FAQ - Use the Faculty Tab at MyPortal to find out about your contract, adds, waitlist, drops, grades.

Textbook Adoption

  • If you REQUIRE a textbook, it MUST to be posted on our Bookstore website . This is so that when a student registers, he/she knows what book is used (by ISBN), price, and if it has any components.
  • It is IMPERATIVE that you respond in a timely and accurate manner when the Bookstore asks for your textbook adoptions each quarter.
  • BEFORE you adopt a textbook or use any publisher's material, find out what to ask publishers.

Update Course Info website

Add a course summary to the Online Learning Course Info website to market your course to students. Make sure to update your Course Summary EACH quarter to be sure that the information is accurate.

Students come to this site to find information about how to access the course and the required textbooks. Students find this information by clicking on the blue button located in the navigation area of this website.

Course Info Button screenshot
The 'Course Info' button accesses the information for all online courses.
How do I update my Course Summary?

Request a live course site

Each quarter, new 'Live' sites are set up in coordination with faculty, Online Learning staff, and the Etudes Staff (if using Etudes).

Before you submit your request, decide whether you want to have one course site for each section or if you want to combine two or more sections in one course site.

  • You may not use 'development' sites to teach live courses with enrolled students, however, you may import all or part of a “development” site into your 'live' site.
  • Your roster of enrolled students will start loading into your Canvas site automatically as soon as you set it up.
Restrict student access to your course

If you do not wish students to have access to your course site before the course starts or after the course is over, you can change your course site settings.

Update Course Content

Division-specific Online Course Standards - Click on your division to download the course standards
Review your course using the quality guidelines
Required for all courses
Add and/or update your course content
Find out what components are essential for creating a successful, online course and then follow the step-by-step instructions on how to add them to your Canvas course. The instructions show you how to:
  1. Create a new Canvas course
  2. Migrate from Etudes to Canvas
  3. Copy a Canvas course to your live site

Suggested Effective Practices for Online Courses (pdf) - List of essential and recommended components for online courses

Prepare to go 'live'

Set Up Free Student Services

Make free student services available for fully online courses, if desired.
  • Proctorio - Set up remote test proctoring services. Be sure to tell your students if proctored testing is required in your course.
    • Contact Judy Baker (onlinelearning@fhda.edu) for instructions.
  • NetTutor - Set up online tutoring services.
    • Your students can find a link to free online tutoring from NetTutor by clicking on the "?Help" link in the bottom left corner of the Canvas navigation.
    • Or, follow instructions for Adding NetTutor to a Canvas Course.
  • Student Readiness for Learning Online

Send a 'Welcome' message to your students

Use the 'Student Welcome Message' template to craft a message for your students. The template has:
  • Links to Canvas online and in-person orientations
  • Describes how to log in to Canvas
  • Links on how to troubleshoot Canvas issues
  • How to get tech support by submitting a helpdesk ticket

Send your 'Welcome' message to enrolled students using your class list in MyPortal

  • If you want to send a Welcome message to your enrolled students BEFORE the quarter starts, you need to use your class list in MyPortal instead of Announcements in Canvas. This is because you cannot send Announcements to students until you have "published" your Canvas course site. But you should NOT "publish" your live Canvas course site until you are really ready because you cannot "unpublish" it.
  • When sending the message to your students from MyPortal, please be careful to ONLY include enrolled students and not waitlisted students in your mailing list.

How to send a message from MyPortal using My Class List

  • Log in to MyPortal and click on the Faculty tab
  • Display Roster for class
  • Use sort options to narrow down list
    • Please be careful to ONLY include enrolled students and NOT waitlisted students in your mailing list
  • Check the box next to the student who you want to send an e-mail
  • The button, 'Select All', is a toggle which will check or uncheck all of the boxes next to the student names listed
  • Clicking the box to the left of the ID column header will check all of the students listed
  • Click E-Mail Students button and the e-mail pop-up window will display

First two weeks of the quarter

  1. Publish your live Canvas site on the first day of the quarter by 8 am.
    • Before you publish your course, make sure that all of the announcements have 'delay posting' dates set!
    • Enrolled students will NOT have access to your course until you Publish it.

      REMINDER: You cannot unpublish a Canvas site after it's been published!

    • Your roster started loading into your Canvas site automatically as soon as you set it up. As soon as a student enrolls in your course, they are added to your roster.
    • How do I publish a Canvas course?
  2. Add Codes

After two weeks

  1. Maintain your online presence as the instructor. For example
    • Check in with your students before the midterm exam.
    • Remind your students about support services such as online tutoring that are available.
    • Consider using a survey to ask your students for informal feedback about the course.
    • Respond in a timely fashion to student questions, return graded assignments, and offer feedback.
    • Remind your students about the deadline to withdraw.
  2. Monitor student activity and participation
  3. Census Verification and Student Drops
    • Verifying Census is a state requirement for which the college is audited annually. So, you need to be very clear about the criteria by which you determine non-attendance for dropping students.
      • For example, you could require your students to actively engage in at least one assignment, quiz, discussion, or significant course activity during the first two weeks, before the Census Verification date.
    • You must drop any students who have not attended the class BEFORE the Census Date, and then click on the "Sign Census" button on that date.
      • Detailed instructions can be found at Reporting Census.
      • For a 12 week class the Census Date is the third Monday of the quarter.
    • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Census
  4. Proctoring arrangements If you are requiring proctored exams for your course, be sure to make arrangements with students who cannot come to the Foothill College testing location for testing well in advance.
  5. Student Evaluation and Review Process of Online Course

At the end of the quarter

Canvas Course Sites

  1. Check your gradebook for accuracy
  2. Submit grades through MyPortal.
  3. Back up your course site for safekeeping.
  4. Prepare to accommodate future access to your course site for any students who have "Incomplete" grades.
    1. Contact Judy Baker (bakerjudy@fhda.edu):
      • Request a special "Section" in your Canvas course site for the student who has the Incomplete.
      • Send information about the course site and the name of the student
    2. After the new special "Section" has been added, edit each assignment for which the student still needs to submit grades and add the following:
      • In the Assign box, remove 'Everyone'.
      • A drop-down menu will appear. Select the Incomplete section.
      • Remove or change the Until date. You can also change the Due date. If you don't, Speedgrader will note it as being late.
  5. If you do not wish students to access your course after the course is over, you can change your course settings.
Last Updated November 14, 2017
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