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Captioning my own videos

If you create your own videos and use them in your courses make sure to caption them.


  • Upload your videos to your YouTube channel
  • YouTube will add auto-captioning so make sure to edit the captions to make sure they are accurate.

Create captions for my YouTube videos (Online Faculty Handbook)

3C Media Solutions

If you are not comfortable with using YouTube to host your videos you can use 3C Media Solutions.

  • Host your videos at 3C Media Solutions
  • Request captioning for videos that will be used in your courses

Use 3C Media Solutions to host and caption your videos (Online Faculty Handbook)

Captioning VoiceThreads

The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription (DECT) grant, administered by College of the Canyons, supports professional captioning and transcription services for multimedia materials used in California community colleges.

To learn how to get help with captioning your VoiceThreads visit the Captioning VoiceThreads page in the Online Faculty Handbook. 


Captioning videos I don't own

Get help at the DRC.