Login Instructions for Etudes

Most enrolled students will be able to login to online courses starting the first day of the quarter and NOT before.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1 - Figure out your Etudes User ID and Password.

Etudes User ID

Your Etudes User ID is the same 8 digits as your Student Identification Number. For example: If Gloria Chung's Student Identification Number is 12345678, then her Etudes User ID would be 12345678.

Etudes User ID = Student ID

Etudes Password

Your Etudes Password is created by using the month and day of your birthday.

*NOTE: Your Etudes default password is different from MyPortal. Etudes only requires 4 digits whereas the MyPortal default password requires 6.

Your birthday: April 22, 1991 (04/22/91) so
Your Password: 0422
The Month + Day value is always 4-digits (mmdd) where a single digit day or month starts with a zero. Do NOT include the year.

Step 2 - Go to Etudes Login webpage.

Step 3 - Enter your Etudes ID (same as your Student ID).

Step 4 - You will be asked to change your password. Create a strong password that has at least 8 characters, a number, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter.

For more information about your account visit Modify Account and Profile at the Etudes site.

Can't Login?

My User ID or Password is not working

If you have taken an Etudes course before, then your User ID and Password are the same as you used the last time you logged in! We don't reset them.

  • User ID Correct? - Check the instructions under Step 1 above
  • Password correct? - If your Password is not working then you can request to Reset Password
    • Make sure you enter in the email address associated with your Etudes account.
    • The first time logging into Etudes after this change, you may be prompted to accept a secure certificate from Etudes. If your browser's security settings are up-to-date, you may not see this prompt at all. You need to Accept the Certificate permanently to avoid this prompt each time you login.
  • Update your account if you cannot reset password (On the Update Etudes Account form, be sure to list your "alternative" Etudes User ID that is based on the first two letters of your first name and the first two letters of your last name followed by the last 5 digits of your Student Identification Number.)

I Don't Know Campus Wide ID (CWID)/ My Student ID

Fill out the form to have your CWID emailed to you.

If your password in MyPortal does not work, you can reset your password in MyPortal.

Still having trouble?

Please CHECK to be sure that your Etudes account has your current email address so that you will receive Announcements and Private Messages from your instructor!

If you still have any trouble logging in or accessing your course after checking System Requirements, please visit our Online Classes Help Center.

Last Updated January 09, 2017
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