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Etudes Login Instructions

  • If your instructor uses Etudes to deliver your online course and you are officially registered, you will be able to login or access your course, starting on the first day of the quarter.
  • If your instructor does not use Etudes, check Course Information for details about course access.

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Once you know your User ID and Password,
you are ready to login at the Etudes Gateway:

Step 1 - Follow our Browser Guide to setup your browser

Step 2 - Review the System Requirements to further setup your computer

Step 3 - Figure out your Etudes User ID and Password

Your Etudes User ID is the same 8 digits as your Student Identification Number. For example: If Gloria Chung's Student Identification Number is 12345678, then her Etudes User ID would be 12345678, also.

Your Etudes Password is created by using your birthday.
: If your birthday is April 22, 1991 (04/22/91), then your Password = 0422.
The Month+Day value is always 4-digits (mmdd) where a single digit day or month starts with a zero. Do NOT use the year.

Step 4 - Login to Etudes by visiting and entering your login info in the upper right hand corner

Step 5 - Be sure to CHANGE your Etudes Password from MonthDay to a more secure password after you login for the first time. arrow pointing to Account link on Etudes login Gateway webpage

Can't Login?

Help Video - How to Reset your Password

My User ID or Password is not working

If you have taken an Etudes course before, then your User ID and Password are the same as you used the last time you logged in! We don't reset them.

I Don't Know Campus Wide ID / My Student ID

Click on Reset your Password. Your campuswide ID and a temporary password will be e-mailed to you.

Still having trouble?

If you still have any trouble logging in or accessing your course after checking System Requirements, please visit our Online Classes Help Center

Please CHECK to be sure that your Etudes account has your current email address so that you will receive Announcements and Private Messages from your instructor!