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Canvas FAQ

Foothill College has adopted Canvas as its college-supported course management system. All online and hybrid classes must use a college-supported course management system. Etudes will no longer be available after the 2017 Spring Quarter.

FAQs about Canvas at Foothill College

  1. How do I access Canvas?

    At Foothill, you can access Canvas directly with this link https://foothillcollege.instructure.com

  2. How do I get help with Canvas?

    Click on the "Help" link on the bottom left of any Canvas page. If you can't log into Canvas, you can submit a ticket to our help desk (https://foothillcollege.freshdesk.com/helpdesk)

  3. What Canvas training opportunities are available to me?

    Faculty can chose to learn about Canvas by attending hands-on training session or completing a self-paced online course. To register for a hands-on training session, go to the Professional Development Calendar. For the self-paced online course, go to register for the Canvas Certification course.

    Details are available at the Learning Canvas as an Instructor webpage.

  4. Is Canvas training mandatory before I can use it?

    Faculty are required to complete Canvas training or provide evidence of skills in use of Canvas before they can request a live Canvas site for a scheduled class. Upcoming Canvas Certification training sessions are designed to help faculty master and demonstrate the basic skills needed to use the Canvas course management system. Upon successful completion, participants will receive "Canvas Certification" and thus become eligible to request Canvas sites.

  5. What does a course site in Canvas look like?
  6. I still have course materials on Etudes. How can I transfer my materials from Etudes to Canvas?

    Faculty will be provided with ample staff support, hands-on training session, and step-by-step instructions from Foothill Online Learning. Use the request form to get assistance with course site migration.

  7. How can I get more information about Canvas?
  8. How can I join the Canvas Community?

    You can join and follow several groups on the Canvas Community site, such as groups dedicated to Accessibility, Canvas Migration, etc. To follow and contribute to the site, you need to be logged in with your Canvas account. See How do I log into the Community with my Canvas Account?

Last Updated October 10, 2017
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