Etudes Browser Configuration Guide

Step 1: Get the right browser

Which browser versions work best?

  • PC Users:
  • Mac users:
    • Firefox - most recent version
    • Mac users must be running OSX 10.3 or above.
    • Chrome
    • For more information, see: Mac Supported Browsers.

Which browsers are NOT supported?

Currently does NOT support any version of Safari, Netscape, Camino and Opera.

Where can I download the correct version of Firefox?

Step 2: Configure the browser to optimize use with Etudes

Configure cache settings

Why do I need to configure the browser cache?

Web browsers use caches to store previous responses from web servers, such as web pages. Web caches reduce the amount of information that needs to be transmitted over the web. Information previously stored in the cache can often be re-used, which helps pages load faster.

Typically browsers set large cache sizes (for example 50 megabytes), but when working with Etudes we need to reduce this size to prevent the browser from showing a previously stored Etudes webpage when in reality there is a newer web page version available. This helps because 99% of Etudes problems are due to incorrect "cache" browser settings.

Configure your browser's cache

Etudes requires Javascript, Popups, and mixed media content

Step 3: Go to the Etudes Login Webpage

Where do I go now?

Open Etudes at -


Should I upgrade when my browser asks me to update?

In general, it is best to wait a bit (3 - 6 months) before updating your browser to the latest version.

What if Iím using a Satellite connection?

Satellite ISP's are NOT recommended! Users who are using Directway or Hughes Satellite ISP's might encounter technology problems and intermittent issues with Etudes that are beyond our control.

Can I use my AOL browser?

Do NOT use AOL's browser.

Can I have more than one Etudes browser window open at the same time?

No! Use of Multiple Browser Windows is a no-no! Do NOT open more than one Etudes browser window while being logged into the system. It is easy to log yourself out of one and get logged out of the others, losing what you were working on - assignments, tests, etc. You will be prompted to log back in!

Last Updated November 13, 2014
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