Committee on Online Learning

The Committee on Online Learning (COOL) practices to ensure quality online instruction and student services are addressed in the COOL. It is a committee of the Academic Senate and engages faculty in monthly discussions about pedagogy of online courses, ensuring course quality, and course evaluations.


Mohammed Akhoirshida
Judy Baker
Carolyn Brown
Falk Cammin
Allison Clark
Patricia Crespo-Martin
Amy Edwards
Isaac Escoto
Konnilyn Feig
Valerie Fong
Heather Garcia
Hilary Gomes
Meredith Heiser
Debbie Lee
Janakos Linda
Jinnah Fatima
Nicole Kerbey
Steven Knight
Lisa Markus
Rick Martinez
Kathryn Maurer
Allison Meezan Lenkeit
Jose Nava
Jennifer Price
Simon Pennington
Kathy Perino
Katy Ripp
Kathy Schaefers
Paula Schales
Lisa Schultheis
Shelia Smith
Anan Sturgess
Mary Sunseri
Mary Thomas
Shirley Treanor
Lisa Verissimo
Lene Whitley-Putz
Mimi Will
Sarah Williams
Last Updated February 03, 2017
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