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Foothill College offers noncredit classes and certificate programs at the main campus, Middlefield Campus and in the community for students seeking self-improvement, increased literacy and job skills, and access to higher education and employment. Noncredit classes are free, do not require proof of residency and do not have prerequisites.

The Board of Governor's for California Community Colleges established noncredit classes and programs to provide an "educational gateway" or a "portal to the future". It serves as a key contributor to "open access" for students with diverse backgrounds and those seeking ways to improve their earning power, literacy skills and access to higher education. For many, particularly immigrants, the economically disadvantaged and low-skilled adults, it is the first point of entry into a college.

Each program of study is housed under an academic division. Contact each division for more information.
Non-credit: Biological & Health Sciences (NCBH)
650 949-7249

Non-credit: Basic Skills (NCBS) / English
650 949-7250

Non-credit: Basic Skills (NCBS) / Math
650 949-7259

Non-credit: Counseling (NCCN)
650 949-7423

Non-credit: English as a Second Language (NCEL)
650 949-7250

Non-credit: Parenting Education (NCP)
650 949-7463

Non-credit: Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)
650 949-7102

Non-credit: Short Term Vocational (NCSV)
650 949-7423

Non-credit: Workforce Preparation (NCWP)
650 949-7423