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The Physics Show
Smithwick Theatre (Room 1001)
January 21, 2017 - January 22, 2017
10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
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Silicon Valley kids, parents and grandparents are invited to Foothill’s wildly popular Physics Show, a family-friendly showcase of entertaining and accessible science experiments. Appropriate for children who are age 5 and older, the Physics Show will be presented Jan.21-22 in the Smithwick Theatre at the Foothill College campus in Los Altos Hills.

Tickets, just $5 per person, are sold online only. Tickets for the January shows are on sale now. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit

“Physics is fun! That’s the most important lesson we want audiences of all ages to take away from the Physics Show,” says Foothill College Physics Instructor Frank Cascarano, M.S., the show’s co-creator. “Physics is all around us, so we want youngsters and adults to think about physics when they’re playing on a swing at recess, navigating a drone, shooting hoops after school, answering a cell phone, cooking dinner, and many other daily activities,” adds Foothill College Physics Instructor David Marasco, Ph.D., the show’s other co-creator.

The 75-minute live performance introduces scientific concepts such as light, sound, resonance and pressure to elementary and middle school children. From breaking glass with sound to a professor emerging unharmed after reclining on a bed of nails while being hit with a sledgehammer, each of the memorable demonstrations links physics explanations to everyday experiences.

“Our shows are an event for the entire family; there’s something in each presentation for everyone,” Cascarano says. “The little ones leave knowing they saw a show about science and that it was fun–the first lesson in science. The older kids and the adults get more out of the explanations. Basically, we take our most fun, memorable demonstrations of the laws of nature and link them together to explain things we see in our everyday lives.”

Audience members have shared high praise for the Physics Show, including one parent who said, “The show was fantastic, and our kids are still talking about it. The performance was informative, exciting and captivating. We came, we saw, we went away amazed as ever—and we’ll be back!”

Now in its 11th year, Cascarano estimates that more than 75,000 Bay Area kids and adults have experienced the Physics Show. The event is presented by faculty and staff from the Foothill College Physics Department. Proceeds fund scholarships for Foothill students, science education outreach activities at local elementary and middle schools, and future Physics Show performances.

“The Foothill College Physics Department is delighted to give back to our community by offering these family-friendly science shows,” he says. “We are grateful to our community for its support of Foothill College and the success of our students.”

Tickets include free parking in Lot 1 only; purchase a required parking permit for $3 to park in any other lot. Parking Lot 1 provides the best access to the Smithwick Theatre. Patrons with a disabled parking placard may also park in Lots 2-A, 4-A and 5 for no-stair access to the theatre. 

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Special Notice: Ticket include free parking in Lot 1 only; purchase a required parking permit for $3 to park in any other lot.

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