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Math Course Sequence

Not sure what your next math class should be? Course numbers not making any sense? (Don't worry, they actually are historic versus sequential.) View a PDF of our entire math sequence (Math Hierarchy) to see your path to reaching your goals. Please be sure to contact the Counseling Division with specific questions regarding transfer and career plans.

Grouping of popular math sequences:

  • Pre-Algebra Sequence: Math 235, Math 230 (together known as "Math My Way")
  • Algebra Sequence: Math 220, Math 105
  • Pre-calculus Sequence: Math 48A, Math 48B, Math 48C
  • Calculus Sequence: Math 1A, Math 1B, Math 1C, Math 1D

Frequency of Math Course Offerings for 2015-2016

Trying to plan your academic future? The Mathematics Department strives to offer courses year-round to help students reach their educational goals. Please view the PDF on the frequency of course offerings in the Math Department. Please note course offerings are subject to course enrollment and available faculty.

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