Have you completed Intermediate Algebra and need a college level Math Class for College Transfer? Tried (or don't need, or don't want) to take Statistics?

Enroll in Math 44, Math for the Liberal Arts!

We would have called it Math for People Who Just Want to Be Able to Figure Stuff Out for Themselves, except that didn't fit in the catalog. It's not easier than Statistics, just different. And here's good news: Math 44 satisfies IGETC area 2A. That means any UC or CSU will give you transfer credit for it and not make you take one of their math classes. Really, this is the class you were hoping existed.

The topics include: Brief History of Mathematics, Basic Mathematical Concepts, Application of Series, Areas and Volumes, Probability and more.

For more information, contact an instructor directly at
morrisspatrick@foothill.edu or 650.949.7259