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The Foothill College Marketing and Public Relations Department offers a variety of services to faculty and staff members.

The team supports the mission, vision and strategic growth of the college through focused internal and external marketing initiatives, public relations efforts, publication development and social media.

Our Vision

We are a team that:

  • Produces results
  • Grows creatively and professionally - always finding new and exciting ways to effectively promote the College and communicate its messages
  • Inspires a high level of trust within the college community
  • Serves at the helm of the collegewide initiative to truthfully, consistently and accurately promote Foothill College while preserving its branding efforts
  • Strives for cost and time effective, higher quality marketing solutions

Strategic Goals

  • Increase Awareness: Continue to increase awareness about Foothill College, its initiatives, and its growth by communicating with key target audiences both internally and externally through advertising, publications, PR and social media.
  • Develop a Unified Look & Feel: Maintain a unified look and feel across departments and locations - developing a style that is easily recognized as Foothill College by all audiences.
  • Support College's Continued Growth:  Effectively plan, coordinate, and implement marketing initiatives that support the academic and geographic growth of the College.
  • Foster Department Growth: Enhance the skill-set of the department both as a team and as individuals.


  • Media relations
  • Print and digital graphic design
  • Web content development
  • Social media
  • Publication development
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Photography
  • Event planning
  • Publicity
  • Advertising

How We Work

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