Richard Morasci, M.A.
ESLL Instructor

Language Arts Division
     (650) 949-7458
     (650) 949-7695 (Fax)

Foothill campus
Office: 6034

Richard Morasci received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. He received his M.A. in TEFL and an M.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University. He spent many satisfying semesters as an intern and as a teacher at the American Language Institute at SFSU. He spent eight years teaching English in Germany at the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg. He also taught at UC Extension San Francisco, Merritt College, and San Francisco State University. He was a part-time instructor at Foothill for three years before becoming a full-time instructor in 1996. While a part-time instructor, he taught seven weeks in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of a Foothill College exchange program.

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