Alison Dailey, M.A.
English instructor

Language Arts Division

Foothill campus

Poetry, 18th century English literature, American literature esp. before 1950, the poet Mary Leapor, deconstruction, feminist studies, the environment and outdoors, hiking, road bicycling, rock climbing, camping, bird watching, surfing.

Alison grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA, before attending UC Santa Cruz for her B.A. in Literature, where she was a Regents Scholar. Then she worked at a rock climbing gym and later moved to the Bay Area, earning her M.A. in English Literature and Certificate in Teaching Composition at San Francisco State University in 2009. She wrote her master's thesis on the 18th century English poet Mary Leapor. She started teaching Composition at SFSU and loves teaching at Foothill College now.

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