How to Pay Tuition
Tuition and health insurance fees are paid each quarter, not in an annual sum. Tuition cost is based on the number of units taken and may be different each
quarter. For this reason, payments are not due until you have chosen and
enrolled in your classes.
All other expenses, including books and housing, are paid separately.
A full-time F-1 student at Foothill, taking a class at De Anza (or a full-time F-1 student at De Anza taking a class at Foothill), must pay the fees at the second school (where he/she is not the full-time student) within five days of class registration. Special note: If payments are not received within the five days, you will be dropped from your classes.
How to Pay Tuition Fees
Tuition can be paid by credit card, check, or money order through the following methods:
  • Online during class registration
  • In person at the Admissions & Records Office, Room 8101.
Tuition cannot be paid by wire transfer or an electronic bank deposit.
Payment Suggestions for Overseas Sponsors
  • The student can set up a sponsor as a third party payer in the payment system through To set up a sponsor, the student must log into the TouchNet payment system through MyPortal and add the sponsor as an "Authorized User" for their account.
  • The student can open a bank account in the U.S. The sponsor can then transfer the tuition amount into the student's U.S. bank account, and the student will pay Foothill College with a personal check drawn on that account. This is the most common option for overseas sponsors.
  • The sponsor can pay the student's fees by credit card. This can be done by logging in to the student's online account on Foothill's Web site or by phone. To use this option, the student must provide the sponsor with his/her account login information.
  • The sponsor can mail the student an international bank draft in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank. The draft must be payable to "Foothill College." The student will then take this draft to the campus cashier at the Admissions & Records Office, Room 8101.
Tuition Payment Plan
If you are unable or do not wish to pay your tuition fees all at one time, you can sign up to pay your fees on a monthly basis by enrolling in a payment plan. To sign up for a payment plan, you must log into and then log into the TouchNet payment system and follow the instructions for payment plans. Please note that the entire amount must be paid in full before being allowed to register for classes for the following quarter.
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