Admitted Students: Schedule an ESL/English and
Math Placement Test Prior to Orientation
English and math placement tests are required of all students, including U.S. citizens, in order to be placed in appropriate classes. To schedule a placement test, go to the Placement Testing web page, click on "schedule an appointment" on the right-hand side and follow the instructions. Once you are admitted, more information will be sent to you about how to schedule an appointment.
English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Test
The ESL test takes two to three hours. Dictionaries are not permitted. Advance preparation is not required but, if you wish, you may prepare for the tests by looking at some sample tests and questions.
This test consists of three parts that are completed on a computer:
(1) Grammar and usage
(2) Listening, and
(3) Writing
Click on the links below to see sample tests.
English for Native Speakers Test
This English test takes about one hour and is available only for students with native English fluency. In general, only international students from English-speaking countries are permitted to take this test. Occasionally, however, international students from non-English speaking countries are asked to take this test if they score extremely high on the ESL placement test.
The test contains three components:
(1) Reading comprehension
(2) Sentence structure
(3) Composition
ESL Classes at Foothill
Following the placement test, the majority of international students will be required to take English as a Second Language (ESL) courses together with regular academic classes, such as general education and major-specific classes. It is very important that these required ESL classes be taken from the first quarter at Foothill.
It is possible for some students with significantly high English proficiency levels to place into English classes for native speakers.
Math Placement Test
The math placement test at Foothill takes about one hour. English translation dictionaries are permitted, but calculators are not allowed. There are three levels of placement tests to assess math skills. A student may have to take one or all three, based on his/her skill level.
(1) Arithmetic
(2) Elementary algebra
(3) College-level mathematics
You may prepare for the tests in advance by looking at some sample tests and questions.
Elementary Algebra
Intermediate Algebra
Math Classes at Foothill
Foothill College offers a variety of math classes, including pre-calculus, calculus, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, arithmetic, and many more. For more information regarding the mathematics major and classes, please visit the Math Department Web page and click on "Degrees & Certificates."
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