Immigration Documents
Below you will find a list and description of the documents you will need to enter the United States for study at Foothill College.
The expiration date in your passport should always be at least 6 months into the future. To extend your passport beyond the expiration date, please contact your country's nearest consulate or embassy in the United States or an appropriate organization in your home country.
A visa is a stamp put in your passport by the United States consulate. Since a visa is an entry document, you only need it to enter the U.S. The date on the F-1 visa shows the latest date you can enter the United States, not how long you can stay here. If it is expired or if you change your visa status while in the United States, you must reapply for a new F-1 visa only if you plan to leave the United States and re-enter. It is not necessary to re-apply for your F-1 visa if you are not planning a trip outside the U.S.
If your visa has expired and you plan to travel outside of the United States, please refer to specific instruction in the Travel section.
I-94 is your Arrival/Departure Record. It is a small white card usually stapled to the page next to your visa stamp in your passport every time you enter the U.S. The immigration officer will usually mark your arrival date, your visa status, and the length of your stay noted as D/S (Duration of Status). D/S means that you can remain in the U.S. as long as you continue to comply with all the regulations for F-1 status. For exceptions, please see your international student advisor. In the top left corner of the form you will find a number, which is called Admission/Departure Number. This number is one of your identification numbers with the Immigration.
Note: When leaving the United States, you will need to surrender your I-94 card unless you are traveling to Canada, Mexico or adjacent islands with an expired F-1 visa and returning within 30 days to continue your program of study. See the Travel section for more details.
An I-20 is an official immigration document issued by the school that verifies your admission and proves your eligibility for F-1 status. You will need an I-20 form to apply for the F-1 student visa and to enter the United States.
This form should be taken with you when you leave the United States as it will be needed to re-enter the U.S. after a temporary absence. All records of school transfers, work authorization, etc. will be recorded on this form. This form also has an 11-digit admission number, called the SEVIS ID number, which is permanently assigned to you and must be used in all correspondence and transactions with INS.
Note: Do not let your I-20 expire! You must apply for an extension of the completion date of your I-20 before it expires (check the expiration date in section 5 of your I-20). You must contact the ISO at least 4–5 months before the I-20 expires to request information about extending the date.
EAD Card
EAD is an "Employment Authorization Document" (sometimes referred to as an EAC) that you receive from the Department of Homeland Security in order to begin post completion training (OPT). The EAD card will have your signature and will indicate the exact dates of your authorized employment. You must not begin work until the employment beginning date on your EAD, and you should not continue to work after the ending date of your employment authorization period on the EAD.
For more information, please visit our special section on OPT application.
Make Copies of All Important Immigration Documents
Make photocopies of your passport, U.S. visa, I-94 and I-20 and keep them in an accessible place separate from the originals. Keep your original documents in a safe place. You should keep copies or originals when available of all current and previous immigration documents (such as previous I-20s, US visas, etc.) because DHS may request copies of these documents in the future.
Statement about 120-day suspension of refugee programs and a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. (PDF)
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