Admitted Students: Finances & Banking
International students are eligible and encouraged to open a bank account in the United States. Having a U.S. bank account will provide you with a secure location for your money that is safe from theft or loss, and it will also allow you more flexibility and independence. Additionally, your sponsor will now have a convenient way to transfer funds for tuition and living expenses.
Banks in the U.S. offer many services to students such as checking and savings accounts, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) access, currency exchange, electronic transfer of funds, and other useful services.
How to Open a Bank Account in the U.S.
Requirements vary from bank to bank, but generally include two forms of identification. The primary form of identification must be a government-issued photo ID such as a passport. The secondary form of identification is different for each bank but might include any of the following: your college ID card (OwlCard at Foothill), a driver's license from California or a foreign country, a credit card with your photo, a social security card, a parent's credit card, a birth certificate, a letter from your current school, a copy of your U.S. visa, or a copy of your vehicle registration.
When you visit a bank, a representative will work with you directly to find a secondary form of identification that will be acceptable to open an account. You are urged to bring your current immigration documents with you when opening a bank account. International students who do not have a social security card might also be asked to fill out a W-8 tax form. The W-8 certifies that you are a non-citizen and are not subject to the withholding of income taxes on interest on your deposit.
During orientation, many banks visit Foothill's campus to offer students the opportunity to open bank accounts and learn more about banking in the U.S. Students are encouraged to speak with the banks at this time to find out which one would best suit their needs.
Banking Basics
You may consult the publication Banking Guide for International Students compiled by US Bank to find more information about such banking basics as opening a checking account, filling out a check, ATM cards and check cards, Internet banking and more. US Bank also waives fees for incoming wire transfers to international student accounts.
Please note that Foothill College does not endorse US Bank but offers this publication as a resource containing tips on banking in the U.S.
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