Glacier Tax Prep Password Request Form
The International Student Office provides Foothill College international students free access to Glacier Tax Prep software — an easy, user-friendly way to prepare your federal tax returns (Forms 1040 NR/1040 NR-EZ and 8843). To obtainaccess to this software, international students must:
  • be considered nonresident aliens for tax purposes (see below) and
  • be current Foothill students or students who graduated from Foothill and were engaged in OPT the previous year
NOTE: Only international students who are considered non-resident aliens for tax purposes can use Glacier Tax Prep software. If you spend more than 5 years in the United States in F-1 status, you will be considered a resident alien and cannot use Glacier Tax Prep. For more details about residency status, visit the Tax Edition of the I-NEWS.
Glacier Tax Prep Password Request
Please complete the following request form to receive a free password. Passwords are distributed on a first come, first served basis. There is a limit, so request your password early!
Passwords will be given out starting in February.  A password is not needed if you did not work in 2015.  If you did not work in 2015, please read our tax newsletter or come to the International Office for help on filing Form 8843.

Today's Date is 12/16/2017
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If you completed OPT in 2016 or are currently on OPT, what is your OPT end date?


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If you have any additional tax questions, please e-mail