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Welcome to the Foothill Humanities Department

Humanities is the study of literature, art (including architecture, sculpture, dance and theater), history and philosophy.

Our courses are unique in that we engage a variety of disciplines to explore how diverse cultures throughout history have come to understand fundamental questions such as who we are, what our role in the cosmos is and what it means to live a good life.

Our Humanities Department offers a range of courses that fulfill both the Foothill GE requirement for Area 1 (Humanities) and transfer to both the CSU and the UC.

What is Humanities?

Humanities is an academic discipline that traces our search for life's meaning. Courses investigate how artists and thinkers have grappled with the big questions such as what it means to be human, what it means to be happy or why violence is so endemic to human interaction. Our classes help you understand how the concepts of knowledge, reality, the imagination and the nature of beauty contribute to our sense of the world and to our human experience.

The study of the humanities is an examination of what we value as art; literature; film, music, and beauty. The humanities is the one endeavor that enables us to become fully realized individuals because as we look and study the aspects of the humanities, we comprehend our amazing ability to reason, to create, and to appreciate all the beautiful aspects of our human culture.

The humanities are about storytelling, connecting generations, cultures, and individuals through lived experiences that are communicated artistically. These literary, oral, and visual stories mark our triumphs, passages, darkness, and grief - our humanity - evoking compassion and understanding for ourselves and all life. Studying the humanities provides vital moments of empathy and knowing, remembering and celebrating our wild, gentle, original, creative selves.

For more information on each course, see Course Details.

A Note on Textbook Prices:

The department is well aware of the negative impact that the high cost of textbooks has on community college students. Therefore, the department has made every effort to keep the prices of its textbooks as low as possible.

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